Saturday , September 24 2022

Okan Buruk 'tan Volkan Demirel description!


Buruk, Mehmet Cengiz, told reporters in the facilities, and the league in the middle of the Besiktas and Goztepe fight, despite playing a good game, said they were not able to score points.

It competes in a castle, but the last blows can not do the same way they want to save Buruk: "We lost the ball lost in the game that disturbed us." Goztepe moved the ball when we eat the ball from the topdire, he said.

Buruk, Medipol Bashakseher match will play for the weekend, drawing attention to attention, he said:

"We know how to play with a good team, I believe in the performance of our players and our audience in the inside field." The return of the pluses, the mutilated and punished people of the past weeks, the passion, the desire, the more we want to win. If supported by our fans, we want to make them happy and win. This is one of the games we have to win on our behalf. Basaksehir is also obliged to win for his goal.

Buruk emphasizes the best way to evaluate all players in the inter-car season, "they will try to take the players between the cars directly to the team, and the other half will be the effect of reinforcing players to be able to get to the best place. It's most accurate to make an estimate after getting in the wheel." uses terms.

"I did not regret that I came here."

Okan Buruk, the first half of the league at the end of the six remaining matches, "We will work for the maximum points we will collect." "I'm not looking at a negative board." The team and players will try to collect the highest points in six games. " in the form of.

Burchak, stressing the excitement he felt when arriving at Caesar Rizespor, said:

"I came to believe in the time when I came here to town, I have no loss of faith in the city, I believe in the city, the party, the team, we will come to good places, I'm not sorry to come here. With 6 points, we could talk about different things, we are a team that is approaching the conclusion, but we can not get it. The safeguarding of results is art in football.

Cementira, the journalist, the name of Fenerbahçe goalkeeper Volkan Demirel is Rizespor on the issues related to the remembered, "certainly one of the main goalkeepers in Turkey, but only one news in the media." We have a national goalkeeper, and we do not currently have such a thought. " he replied.

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