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Operation of fear of travel: Will you take millions?


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As part of the investigation carried out by the Chief Prosecutor's Office in Istanbul, 20 people were closed, including several executives and several academics. Within the research conducted in 4 provinces, a member of the faculty of the University of Bogazici. Doctor Prof. Dr. Betul Tanbai, Acting Dean, Faculty of Law, Bilgi University Doctor 13 persons were closed, including Turgut Tarhanlı. The Istanbul Security Administration claimed that the cause of the operation was the Gezi protests and that 20 people who were brought to the decision organized the organization of actions in a hierarchical relationship with Osman Kaval in Istanbul.

3 names released

4 days of detention for those detained, allegedly taken. During the duration of the Gezi Park Resistance, the action of the Park symbol was one of the reasons for the decision to detain. Professor Tarhanli, General Coordinator Anadolu Kultur Asena Gunal and Association Advisor, Bora Sarı, were acquitted after the ban on abandoning abroad.

The Supreme State Prosecutor's Office in Istanbul, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Osman Kavala, was detained in the investigation conducted for the investigation of 20 people on Anatolia's culture. Simultaneous function of a member of faculty of the University of Bogazic. Doctor Prof. Dr. Bethul Tanbai, Acting Director, Law Faculty, Bilgi University Doctor Turgut Tarhanlı, Vice President Anadolu Kultur Iigit Ekmekci, Member of the Management Board Ali Hakan Altınai, General Coordinator Asena Gunal, Bora Sarı Association Consultants, Aisegul Guzel, Filiz Telek, Cigdem Mater Meltem Aslan, Communications Coordinator for Civil Society Communications Officer Hande Ozhabes Jigit Axakoglu, an employee of the Bilgi University Training and Research Center and director of the Mi Miner Games, Jusuf Cicir. He learned that Cigdem Mater was taken to Istanbul from the hotel where he was staying in Kas for filming the film. 7 suspects were decided. Professor Doctor Attorney Betul Tanbai Bahri Belen said the number of studies was dated in 2014. Bet.

Accusation for a coup

A statement issued by the Istanbul Security Directorate suggested that the reason for the operation was the Gezi protest and that 20 people with a Kaw detention order organized actions in a hierarchical relationship with Osman Kaval in Istanbul. The following statements were made in the statement: "Mehmed Osman Paok Certainly Expanded 5/27/2013 history began in Gezi Park events in Turkey and abroad to form over chaos and turmoil, and in that way the primacy and violence using the Government of Turkey partly to do abolition or tasks eliminated or completely determined that the goal was to prevent Mehmet Osman Kavala in a hierarchical order with the suspects In order to deepen and popularize the events of Gezi Park, they organized meetings in DEPO, which belong to Anadolu Kultur AS Women etc.), New The creation of new media by entering the Gezi Park process will likely continue and create events in events that focus on creating their own media, Mehmet Osman Kavala in Europe by establishing contacts with many institutions and individuals, the events of Gezi Park on the agenda of gas stopping imports in Turkey , it was found that they were able to ban. "

Mechanism of hunting academics

Operation from all layers of the community has fallen.

TBB President Metin Feizioglu reacted to the operation, var. According to the Criminal Procedure Code, the process of detention and detention can only be issued if there are conditions for detention, but there is no time for making a decision. When invited, they will not be arrested and will not be detained. Kis

Fejzioglu said that there was a big contradiction in the conduct of illegal practices in the period of fighting with FETO. A heavy blow to Turkey's democratic world is a perception. Confidence in the judiciary and undermining the error should be compensated for a moment before, basic rights and should be allowed free-of-court violation, illegally damaging Turkey in the international community should complete all applications, "he said.


President of the Association of the Association in Istanbul Mehmet Durakoglu also responded to the operation, and the position of power is not correct. I think that the criminalization of the trip is incorrect. It is necessary to explain that the provocative actions that take place at the end of the trip should not be shadowed by the initial idea of ​​Gezi. "Durakoglu, aka Closed professor Doctor Turgut Tarhanli was a lawyer registered in the Istanbul Association of Lawyers." The Turgut Hocaids House during the operation was supposed to be a lawyer at the bar. "The detention procedure is against the Iap law.

The road is criminalized

Spokeswoman Taksim Solidariti, architect Mucello Iapıcı, said he found an operation in abundance and said: "Gezi's resistance is the world's largest right to fight. The arrest of people who are fighting the rights is an unusual situation." There is nothing consistent with that. there were millions on the road We are all here The purpose of this operation is to criminalize Gezi and create a crime

Call from IHD

The Human Rights Association (IHD) requested the release of civil society and academics officers who were detained by issuing a written statement. In a statement, the paper issued the following statement: "Turgut Tarhanlı and in addition to the detained persons who have applied arbitrarily to these laws, the cabinet in Turkey is also using pressure with judicial political power, which shows that they act like you want it to anyone. the political power to abandon such methods of oppression and demand that they be detained as soon as possible.


The response to the anti-academician operation came from educational unions. In the statement on the operation against academics from the Egitim-Is trade union, anti-terror intellectuals are not hunting mechanisms.

History The arrested academics allegedly acted in a hierarchical order with human rights activist Osman Kaval, who was detained for a year, although the indictment was not even prepared. Even when Osman Kavala was not known for what was charged, the question is what is the crime that is being organized with him, which is a crime "in the form of left questions." State: Education, defense, trade, such as the most important weapon in the assembly terrorist organization, leaving time, what they wanted, rent, even cheated, the price of this price is being paid to the state, and now, under the name of suppression of terrorism, the hunting of witches is initiated. If Aziza Nesin alive, even irrational can not be found Something to write statements of justice in Turkey has now been turned into blind g mouse and showed how once again, "he said.

The sound of Tanabe peace
Ferai Aitekin Aidogan, president of education, said: "The fight against democracy, justice and an equal, free democratic republic is more important than ever. Education Our member Betul Tanbai was the voice of science, democracy and peace from the past and the present. the fight against law, democracy, justice, equal, free and democratic republics against all illegal people

1 year imprisonment without indictment

For many years now, Turkey has maintained civil society initiatives with renowned businessman Osman Kavali, on October 18, 2017, after returning from a project meeting to be held in co-operation with the Geta Institute, was detained at Istanbul's Ataturk airport. Kavala was arrested on November 1, accusing him of directing the Gezi protest and joining a coup attempt on July 15th. On October 18, Kavala completed one year's imprisonment. While the public prosecutor's office in Istanbul did not prepare an indictment, Kaval's lawyers' request to the European Court and the Constitutional Court remained unanswered.

First wife of the president

During the Gezi Park protest, Betul Tanbai, who is also part of the meeting with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, works as an instructor at the Department of Mathematics at the Bogazici University. Tanbai was the first woman to be president of the Turkish Mathematical Society, founded in 1948 by the famous mathematician Cahit Arf. Tanbai was elected to the Steering Committee of the European Mathematical Society (EMS).

Amnesty International

Professor Dr. Turgut Tarhanlı lectures on the Law on International Law and Human Rights at the Law Faculty of the Bilgi University in Egypt and the head of the Center for Human Rights Research. In 1995, the founder of Amnesty International, participated in the initiative to revitalize local groups in Turkey. In 2002 he became a professor.

-Ali Hakan Altınai: Foundation for an Open Society and President
-Asena Gunal: Anadolu Kultur A.S. Warehouse Program Coordinator
-Meltem Aslan Celikkan: Anadolu Kultur A.S. General coordinator
-Iigit Ali Ekmekci: Anadolu Kultur A.S. Vice President of the Board and Member of the Board of Directors of the Terakki Foundation School
-White yellow:
Culture Anadolu
-Aisegul Guzel: Anadolu Kultur
-Kigdem Mater Utku: Bianet Vriter, advisor to Anadolu Kultur A.S.
-Hande Ozhabes: Coordinator for communication for the development of civil society
-Filiz Telek: Anatolian civil culture-disobedience
-Igit Aksakoglu: Employees at the NGO Training and Research Unit in Istanbul Bilgi.
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