Monday , May 10 2021

Paying attention to pension areas below a thousand lire

Seeking more than 12 million pensioners to live in better conditions with better wages continues. Earnings improvements have been achieved through arrangements made over the past few years by increasing the number of flights and promotions provided by banks. In addition, there have been some improvements. Its goal is to eliminate the imbalance between the 3 different formulas and pensions currently on the table.

According to the current regulation, 5% of pensioners with a salary below 18 euros this year will receive an additional 4% surcharge. This additional payment is deposited to accounts with a net salary each month. If 8 percent of offers are applied, 80 pounds (2 thousand to 4 percent) will be paid to a pension, which will have a salary of 2 thousand pounds. If the law is revived, salaries will increase from 30 to 368 liras.

While retirees are waiting for the rate of increase; 150 thousand SSK and Bag-Kur 'will be additionally raised. The law will be passed for planners to raise a pension under a thousand lire. The bill comes to the Assembly by the beginning of the year. With the outflow of laws, low-pensioners will be improved. There will be no pay below a thousand lire. 150,000 SSK and Bag-Kur withdraw to retired, enter into force as soon as it is regulated or at the same time with the routine increase of the furnace. Details of this will be revealed by the arrival in the Assembly.

Another formula for improving pension benefits, eliminating the difference in magnification. All social insurance institutions were united under the auspices of the SSI. However, both pension and decision decisions continue to be implemented differently. While pensioners Bag-Kur and SSK expect inflation, pensioners of the Pension Fund are subject to collective bargaining. There are ongoing efforts to increase all pensioners by the number of collective agreements.

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