Monday , January 17 2022

Pfizer announces that it has begun drug trials Covid-19 – Health News


The US pharmaceutical company Pfizer has announced that it has begun phase 2 and 3 phase clinical trials of a drug that will prevent infection in people exposed to the new type of crown virus (Covid-19).

According to the Pfizer statement, clinical trials of the antiviral drug will be conducted on 2,660 healthy adults 18 years and older living in the same household with people who have Covid-19 and have symptoms.

Mikael Dolsten, Head of Global Research, Development and Medicine at Pfizer, said: “We believe that in the fight against Covid-19, which continues to affect the world, it is necessary to develop effective treatments for people infected or exposed to the virus. , as well as vaccines that control the infection “.

Dolsten stated that if the drug tested is successful, it will stop the virus before it has a chance to multiply and prevent the development of symptoms in infected people.

It has been announced that the drug, which aims to stop the production of an enzyme that can multiply the Covid-19 virus, will be used in conjunction with ritonavir, which is widely used in HIV infections.

Prior to Pfizer, the U.S.-based Merck, and the Swedish pharmaceutical company Roche, also announced that they were developing drugs in pill form for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19 infection.

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