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Pit 44 new trailer? Sadethin is back! (Watch the 43rd last episode of the issue ukur)


The cave came to the screen with the last part taking a breath. In the 10th episode of the new season series 2; Tensions between the Kočevci and the caracas highlights with the explosion of weapons. Ersoi as an aduta, the last operation faces a familiar face from the past. Mahsun suspects they are traitors. Ceto, holding Saadet, turns Salih into Sadetetin, a former Vartol. What happened in the 43rd part of Cukur? Did the Pit 44 episode come in?

Cukur was published on Shov TV with the 43rd episode. Pit 2 season 10 sections; Iamac, Ersoi thank you for knowing every step of the Caracas. Ceto opens the idea of ​​being a traitor among them saying that Ersoi aralarında Is Ersoi leaks inside us? Aralarında. There are different plans in the brain of the mind, but she knows every step on the road. Ceto has a surprise for Celasun, but in turn Celasun has a job. So, where comes the new story about the Pit episode?


Shov TV's new show has not yet been released. You can see the new trailer from the next line of Diz


WHAT happened in the last chapter? 43 REVIEW OF A PART

Salih decides to return to the days when Saadettin, a former Vartan, was sent to save Saadet from the hand of Karakusa. He tells his friend about his situation and wants to get some money from him. In the meantime, Caracas is delivered. Buyer calls Mahsun and asks for goods status. He says his goods are ready for delivery. In the meantime, Ersoi listened to the talk.




Lamb and Cumali, caracas goods are ready to attack the warehouse. But there is a problem. The number of people there is too much. As the conflict continues, they will have to come back when they realize that they can not face Caracas. On the other hand, another group attacks Caracas. Vejzel, who after a job called Kumali, told him that the job was over and that they came in. The nagib tries to understand what is happening and asks Cumali how he found men. In the meantime, one of the caracuzulary wounded to shoot Celasun "in Cumali notes the situation and shoots a man.


When he gets to know the familiar face of Kumali's people, the tide attacks him. Cumali is very surprised. He separates them. Cumali tells the man who he is, but Weizzel says he is the two people he is talking about. The tilt does not believe, but Veisel shows the picture. The tilt warns Cumali and tells him he does not trust him.


Ceto and Mahsun are outside. The caller is looking for goods. The boy tells Mahsun and asks him to look for men. But the phones he is looking for does not suit. They go to the warehouse with the goods.


They are seeking to find the goods needed to make medicines Medet and Voleo Ceto want. But all the stealing doors are empty. Medet Vartolu offers consultations on the hill, but Vartolu goes mad. He told him that Sadetin was the minister and rejected the offer.


Ceto sends Celasun's key to his people. Ceto arranged the house for Chelasun to stay. Celasun does not accept earlier, but accepts what Ceto's human remedy is against what he said. Celasun comes to the house where they stay with Aise and Karaca. Take Aksin and his mother take them to a new house.



Ersoi, it's crazy for a message from Iamac. He goes to the garage to find out the fate of his car. Tilt over the garage. When he sees his car is not in place, he seeks his fate. The boat says he's giving new news. He asked what he was planning. When Vartola and Medet return home, they suffer from the anger of Cumali. The slope intervenes without input and tells them that the job is in the evening and speaks details.


The final information of Ersoi dale Iamaku resulted in fiction. The incline to find out what happened to Ersoi's Alico thanks to the invention. Panic when Ersoi saw the opposite of the slope. He tells Ersoi that the information he gave was wrong. I told you what I said, I told you not to play with me, you think I have equality with me, but I do not know, you're a dead man, I'm just trying to keep you alive, what did you tell me? Dogum Ersoi also says that I heard with my ears. Ersoi realizes that the game is playing for him.

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