Sunday , May 22 2022

Profit performance TL


Today is the lowest level of the day with $ 5.3047 / TL, in Salsar 5.3321â € ™ s see. Lira, in relation to the dollar in the last days of 5.30 einaric direction, trying to bring down Alnus Iatrm came from collision analysis. According to the analysis, Turkish liras were the last three most powerful currencies in the world.

The Balkl analysis of "Profit All by Its Performance to the World" contains information:

"While the Turkish lira was 3.78 against the dollar in 2018, it was as high as 7.21 at the same time as the attacks that came during the year. We can say that this is the strongest currency in the world and that this value in Kasm remains the same as 1USD = 5.30 TL (value of additional value 3.5%).

Turkish lira continues to maintain its quiet course against the euro and pound. Euro / TL in the same minute 6.10, pounds / TL of 6.85 is treated.

"5.30 SEE 5,27 VISIBLE"

Ziraat Investment Securities said that the possibility of withdrawal in the transfer analysis is now possible and that an attack on 5.27 could be experienced in the case of 5/30 support.

The statement contains the following statements:

"Although positive delineations continue in the past yesterday, daily wages are made at 0.4%. Although oil prices are pushed together with goods, this situation attracts bond rates against inflationary expectations. The US bonds also declined 3.05% due to the weak effect of the US dollar, given that the pressure on oil prices and the ability of the Fed to become weaker in the coming years will support the TL vulnerable to this kind of development. Similarly, foreign exchange rates of developing countries are also in effect this morning , and in this context The withdrawal attempts can still be seen in the exchange rate, 3550 can be seen as resistance to a reaction with a high resistance position of 5.39. Although p, the housing and construction data to be published after death in the United States may be effective One of the leading indicators of the housing market yesterday, the NAHB housing market index was below expectations, with additional pressure on the dollar.

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