Thursday , October 6 2022

Prohibition of renting did not last long!


President Erdogan announced that the lease will be abolished in foreign currency. The "Official Gazette" published "Communication, which gives exceptions regarding the restriction of the contract on indexing foreign currency and foreign currencies".

Some exceptions are imposed by the limits of the foreign and foreign currency indexation contract.

Decision no. 32 Treasury and the Ministry of Finance for the Protection of the Value of the Turkish Currency (Kominike no: 2018-32 / 34) was published in the Official Gazette (Komienica No. 2008-32 / 34).

Communication has amended Article 8, which contains principles relating to foreign and foreign currency indexing contracts.


Accordingly, persons residing in Turkey will be able to index foreign currency in free zones or contract links.

Turkey and the relationship of citizenship does not build up from people or non-residents in the country of the recipient or sale of real estate and real estate leasing contracts are by the foreigner, the value of the contract and may be associated with other foreign currency or foreign currency obligations arising from these contracts.


The Ministry of Culture and Tourism will be able to decide whether the contract price and other payment obligations arising from these contracts will be indexed in a foreign currency or in a foreign currency.

In the case of a lease rental agreement with regard to the leasing of duty-free shops, the contractual price and other payment obligations arising from these contracts may be indexed in a foreign currency or a foreign currency.

Residents in Turkey themselves conclude, the remaining labor contracts, other than that party for the performance of AcAklArlA seafarers overseas price contract and foreign currency other payment obligations under this contract, or not agreed as indexed in foreign currency.

The completion of domestic residents abroad, beginning in Turkey and abroad to start the termination of foreign service contracts abroad with the beginning in Turkey, apart from the service contract, can be terminated foreign currency denominated or indexed in foreign currency.

Residents in Turkey, they conclude between themselves, including the costs of a foreign currency contract, the contract price will make payment and other liabilities denominated in foreign currency or indexed in foreign currency under this agreement.


Sales and lease agreements relating to construction equipment may be determined in terms of foreign exchange or foreign exchange index.

Residents themselves conclude in Turkey, information technologies covered by domestic sales contracts for software produced outside the exemption are denominated in the foreign exchange license and service contracts for hardware and software produced overseas applies only to products produced overseas.

Within the framework of projects implemented within the framework of contracts to be executed within the framework of contracts to be executed within the framework of contracts to be executed in the framework of international agreements, contracts or contracts signed by public institutions and organizations, they shall be concluded by the contractor or contracting companies and parties to whom the contract is signed or which are concluded within the said projects, contracts and other payment obligations arising from these contracts may be determined in terms of foreign currency or indexed site e currencies.

Except for companies where residents are jointly controlled with branches and representative offices, as well as in Turkey or control of business and service contracts and expressed or indexed in foreign exchange exchange can be done.

TRANSPORT will represent fuel prices

It will be possible to index fuel prices in service contracts related to transport activities.

foreign branches of residents in Turkey, representative offices, liaison offices, in case of failure to execute contracts abroad on the means to operate or operate, these persons will not be considered a resident in Turkey.

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