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Record growth from "Turk Telekom"! Objavio …


Turk Telecom announced its financial and operating results in the first nine months of 2018. As a result of the purchase of record subscribers in the first nine months, the company reached 44.7 million subscribers and achieved double-digit growth and consequently high operational profitability. In the first nine months of 2018, Telekom Telekom has achieved the best first nine months of subscriber purchase in the last nine years.

Growth of 12.7 percent and revenue of 15 billion TL

In the first nine months of 2018, with an annual growth of 12.7 percent, the company's revenue amounted to $ 15 billion, while interest, depreciation and pre-tax profit (EBITDA) increased by 26 percent over the same period last year to 6 , $ 2 billion. EBITDA margin improved by 4.3 percentage points compared to the first nine months of the previous year and reached 41.3 percent, the highest in the last 7 years. A record new subscriber realized in the first nine months of the year, a strong EBITDA growth and a high annual growth of the EBITDA margin showed that the company has been operating well over the past nine months. On the other hand, the depreciation of the Turkish lira against the dollar and the euro caused a loss of $ 3.6 billion in the first nine months of this year despite the growth in revenues and the increase in operating profit. However, the company's net profit in the first nine months of this year was realized with 2.5 billion TL, an increase of 40 percent compared to the same period last year.

TL investment of $ 2.6 billion in 9 months

The company also stated; In the first nine months of 2018, investment costs increased by 76% compared to the same period of the previous year and reached 2.6 billion TL.

Strong operational results, record for the last 11 years in the growth of subscribers

In the first nine months of 2018 it was announced that Telekom Telekom achieved strong operational results, while the total number of subscribers reached 44.7 million. In the first nine months of 2018, the number of fixed internet subscribers rose to 10.6 million with a net increase of 856 thousand in the first nine months of the past 10 years, and the number of subscribers to 3.4 million. Total fixed access lines, including DSL line lines, reached 14.3 million with a total of 573 thousand net subscribers, the first nine months in the last 11 years.

TIVIBU strengthened its position in second place with record growth

In the first nine months of this year, TIVIBU recorded the biggest increase since it met the consumer with 785 thousand subscribers and reached the total number of subscribers by 3.5 million. The number of subscribers Tivib EV reached 1.6 million by the end of September, and again in the first nine months, 433 thousand subscribers recorded a record in their history. Mobile subscription base "Turk Telekom" increased by 1.2 million in the first nine months of the year to 20.8 million. The coverage of the LTE population, which was 80 percent last year, reached 89 percent at the end of September. The share of LTE users in total mobile subscribers rose from 22 to 44 percent compared to the same period last year, while the average monthly consumption of LTE users increased by 38 percent annually to 6.5 GB.

Doani: "We've left record-breaking winnings for subscribers for the first nine months of the year"

Director of Turk Telekom, who assessed the financial and operational results in 2018, Paul Doani said: "In the first nine months of this year, we received 3.1 million net new subscribers showing the best performance in the last 11 years, with a total of 45 million subscribers. the results have grown our goals for 2018 as Turk Telekom, Turkey is still the infrastructure and the upgrade of the investment needed to contribute to digital conversions. In this context, regional, physical, social and economic reasons, rather than access to information Ancillary sectors, including all of Turkey We offer affordable prices and content services with the "affordable communication for all" principle and we could continue our activities with financial and price discipline in a challenging market environment without sacrificing our principles in the first nine months. we believe in the strength of our strategy, which will offer our stakeholders more value.

Doani: "We have developed various models for reducing infrastructure costs"

Recalling that many emerging economies have launched a critical third quarter due to US interest rates, solid fiscal conditions and commercial protectionism, Doani said: "As always, we have increased our efficiency in our investment costs and our focus on creating cash flows. and a robust strategy, we succeeded in transforming Turk Telekom into an innovative company that has benefited from group synergies to achieve sustainable growth in its subscriber base and is more customer-oriented, giving preference penetration and diversification.It reflects the benefits of the early steps we undertook to adapt to the changing environment.In addition, we will continue to invest and grow in the national economy, while at the same time continuing our efforts to minimize the use of existing communication infrastructure in a more efficient and efficient way, and minimize duplication of investments. In this context, while we launched a pilot pilot project of fixed leasing infrastructure in the third quarter, we continued to explore opportunities for exchanging the mobile network. In addition, I want new board members who have joined us in the past few days to be useful for our company and our sector. We believe that our new board members, who have very important experience and expertise in many sectors, especially in the telecommunications sector, will make a significant contribution to Telekom's development strategy, long-term strategic plans and a future vision. Turkey, which has huge potential for growth and offers many opportunities for investors, a young, dynamic and unique country with the population closely follows technology. Considering everything together, we are convinced of the future possibilities regarding our fields of activity.

Doani: "We have digital customer experience on our axis"

In the third quarter, Doani said they continue to focus on the experience of clients with our digital solutions. In addition, our digital Tambu keyboard has reached 7.2 million downloads since the third quarter of 2018, while the number of people interacting with the toolbar has reached 14.7 billion in the same period. We also introduced our live mobile game Elec & # 39; which also added our digital portfolio during this period, "he said.

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