Tuesday , October 19 2021

Reynmen, Izmit Record Breaking Clip In the case of Yazicioglu he made the Post


The phenomenon of social networks called Reynmen, Yusuf Aktaş, has been mentioned in a short time by 17 million people and refers to the fall of the helicopters of Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu.

You have made several comments

Many people, snow, winter, wolf, plane falling, shooting under the clip at the bottom of the clip, "Reynmen, Muhsin Yazicioglu recalled the event," he said.


NEU-WINTER: Muhsin Yazicioglu was remembered as a martyr of profits.

KURT: Muhsin Yazicioglu is a nationalist. The wolf is the symbol of nationalism.

HELICOPTER: Muhsin Yazicioglu, the helicopter died in the fall.

murdered: The fall of the helicopter Muhsin Yazicioglu is considered murder.

MASTERS: Reynmen, the clip in the grave after entering the ground. And here he tries to explain that the martyrs were not dead.

SEARCH STUDIES: In the Reynmen song, "Are there people that are watching?" "You're listening, you do not see."


Reynmen, who was originally from Sivas, kept his silence on the subject, and this gesture made Muhsin happy with the president.

Here are the words of the song very spoken;

Let me worry about Dolms

Although I lost

You're listening, you do not see

Who are the victims?

How many hells have been extinguished

They think crazy

They are looking for me

Is there someone here?

This fallen leaf was the dream of my youth

Summer on paper

My white life

I made the decision, the hands were blood.

God hit

Dying in the grave

These are the remarkable details;

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