Saturday , November 27 2021

Serious response from Talat Bulut to Seval Sam


This was sent by Teven Sam. Sharing a video from his social media, Bulut said:

How nice to archive. I have a newspaper on November 11, 1973. The day is like this: I think genius in the absence of excellence is in an unnecessary place, and then you think that you think something. A few things have been said about necessary and unnecessary beings. Again, if you say that you are self-defending on premium sheets over others, you do not change that, you are a superfluous entity. The very action is to force new talents to this need of intelligence. If Zekan is not, you are already a superfluous being. If you say that you came to this world to be a man, you are a very necessary being. I wish that Sunday would be good for those who think so. You all love.


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