Wednesday , June 23 2021

Speculators are trying to raise prices of dry bow "

CHIHAN OKUR – Chairman of the Management Board of the agricultural company Oluzl Celalettin Celik, speculators are trying to raise the price of the port, creating panic air, he said.

Steel, an AA correspondent, said in a statement on the price of a dry bow, although the situation in the last few days to 4 kilograms said that price.

They produce annual average of 20 thousand tons of onions, Turkey Voicing a meeting of 2 percent of the port needs steel, "Prices go from season to louder, it would not be like this, it's opportunism, trading colleagues to show opportunism, Amasia early starts the season when At this point, speculators are trying to raise prices by creating panic, "he said.

Steel harvest throughout the country and the product is removed from the warehouse stating that the steel said:

"Entering the bow, arches are diseases in some regions due to the illness of our rights, but" without ports in Turkey, the price will be about 10 times. "Using such terms, the sense of causing great damage to both the manufacturer and consumers. We export, and our country will export almost a thousand tonnes of products on a daily basis.

Steel, emphasizing that he remained at a normal level in the case of opportunism, "Only supply and demand demand is not a problem, citizens alvais hurt. You play a bow and potato shame. This is reflected in our consumers and our manufacturers how our farmers of Turkey potatoes also have a lot of nutrients in their position to feed, making available property in the hands of speculators 3-5 opportunism. There are many onions in Turkey we want, nobody should think that no, "he said.

"Increased port yield"

Amasia Chambers of Agriculture Chairman Mehmet Chief said that compared to last year increased the Harvest Harvest in Amasia, Turkey's most important production centers onions.

The head said that this year the yield is high, but in some regions prices have risen due to various diseases seen in the port. The head, up to 6 pounds at the beginning of the season, the price of the ark was up to 2.5 kilograms, but now again, he said it was rising.

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