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The 12 year old child did not want anything


A couple who stayed in the Sason district of Batman and were treated for many years in many places to have a baby, have failed to detect sperm for many years due to DNA damage.

A couple who stayed in the town of Sason in Batman and who had been treated for many years in many places to have a child, suffered from long-standing children who for years had been craving for undetected DNA sperm damage. Women born and specialist IVF van. Doctor Hakan Coksuer damages the DNA after repairing acupuncture and detoxification of sperm after having few children.

Cemile and Mehmet Celik, who live in the Sasso district, married couple of years ago. A couple who wanted to marry their child with a child could not have a baby in the normal way. Testing baby tests and results of some kind of hopelessness, a few hopelessness, according to the recommendation of the relatives of the Association and IVF specialists Assoc. Dr. Hakan Coksuer began receiving treatment at his clinic in Diyarbakir. Doc. Doctor A detailed review of Coksuer showed DNA damage to sperm. Acupuncture and cum infant treatment was performed to reduce the damage to the patient's DNA. After a healthy pregnancy, the couple had a boy named Cınar.

"We've seen DNA damage from spermatozoa"

Women born and specialist IVF van. Dr. Dr Hakan Coksuer, every patient who comes to their clinics and a detailed sperm scan of the sperm can not be detected when they detect DNA damage, said: "When a patient was admitted to our clinic and treated in many places and resulted in failure, sperm analysis To be normal in the patient, even though sperm analysis is normal, if there is a risk factor, it is absolutely necessary to look at the conditions of oxidative stress and damage to sperm DNA. When we reviewed the detailed parameter of the sperm of the patient, we found that DNA damage was not It was detected and DNA damage reduced the treatment of sperm detoxification and acupuncture, and we treated the patient after repairing the sperm DNA, resulting in a positive treatment after treatment. In order to achieve success in treatment, we need to know in detail what causes the underlying causes of infertility. We have achieved success with the treatment of acupuncture and detoxification of spermatozoa. When success was achieved, the patient could not believe his own eyes. After hearing a heart attack, he began to scream with happiness. When the family of squeamish babies joined the family, there was no word about their happiness. May Allah grant this happiness to anyone who wants to have children. Never despise those who want to have children. It is not really difficult to achieve success when applying a spot treatment, "he said.

Couple Cemile and Mehmet Steel expressed their joy as a result of 12 years of desire, said:

"We were almost on continuous treatment once a month, and every time we left, they said that there was no problem; they would have been 12 years old." Thank you very much Hakan and his team. "We have a kid for 12 years.

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