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The Bill Against Violence in Health was approved by a parliamentary committee


The draft law on amendments to certain laws and regulations related to health, imposing sanctions on health care workers, including health regulations, was adopted in the Parliamentary Committee on Health, Family, Labor and Social Affairs. Violence against health workers will be considered a reason for arrest if the offer is made.

After the negotiations, Article 24 of the proposal was adopted, which aimed at preventing violence against health workers. Accordingly, those who are suspected of intentional crimes due to their duties to staff working in health institutions and organizations will be captured by police officers, and the necessary procedures will be executed and transferred to the main public prosecutor's office.

The public prosecutor will conduct court proceedings. In the investigation of these crimes, statements by medical personnel who are complainants, victims or witnesses to law enforcement agencies will be conducted at the workplace.

According to AA; these provisions will also apply to intentional crimes due to their duties to staff working in private health institutions and organizations.


Proposals, licensed or unlicensed drugs are not on the Turkish market, as a recipe for personal use, the permission of the Ministry of Health Health Pharmaceutical Turkey (TEB) provides solutions to the lack of supplies from abroad.

Accordingly, the TEB, as well as the Social Security Institution (SSI) and public institutions / organizations approved by the Ministry of Health for personal use outside the drug, can be directly donated to patients.

This will provide for the provision of medicines from abroad by hospitals.

For these medicinal products, the license holder / license holder shall submit the license within 3 years from the date of entry into the international pharmaceutical list, and the license will be issued no later than 2 years.

The president may decide to continue the purchase of medicines for which no license application has been submitted or permission has been obtained.

The length of the application for the issuance of a permit for medicines from abroad starts from the date of entry into force of the substance.


The proposal is to amend the Law on Stores for the sale of toxic and chemical substances used in pharmacy, art and agriculture. Turkey sends to the local state administration to determine from the time of penalties and late medicines and the Agency for Medical Devices should be given the power to impose a fine, in accordance with the act on the nature and importance of securing the deterrence of the re-defined upper and lower sentences.

are not in accordance with the rules prescribed by the law and the proprietors of the pharmacy or the responsible manager of art and the toxic active ingredient used in agricultural affairs to those who dealer, Turkey Pharmaceuticals and the Agency for Medical Assets, or up to 20 thousand pounds of 2 thousand pounds by local administrative main administrative penalties to be reduced. If the verdict is repeated within a year, the penalty will be increased by one time.

If the sale of these substances creates a dangerous public health situation, the operation will be temporarily banned until the danger is resolved.

The rule that non-pharmacists can open an apothecary by appointing a responsible pharmacist manager will also apply to companies, so that secret partners are eliminated. Provided he is a qualified pharmacist, one of the partners should be responsible for business affairs.


Due to membership, formation or membership in the structure, organization or groups designated by the National Security Council (NSC) to act against terrorist organizations or national security of the state, work in health care institutions or practice without a contract.

However, those who are discharged from public office and those who are not in the public service due to the security investigation will not be able to perform their profession during the duration of the state deadline established for the first group district centers from the date when the decision was not made to be removed or removed. In fulfilling the obligation of the state, the service deadline for those who are discharged from the public office will be reduced from this period. Their reports will not be based on court decisions and administrative procedures.

In order to ensure that licensing processes for medical devices can be done in a shorter period of time, licensing permits will be carried out in laboratories authorized by the ministry and the Ministry of Health.

With the statement that this is not a preparation, the diagnosis or treatment of the disease, the sale, marketing or advertising of any product will be punished by imprisonment of 1 to 5 years.


Medical conditions will be removed to get a doctor's permission to accept more than one doctor.

The amount of revolving funds intended for central and provincial organizations of the Ministry of Health can be increased by the President in each budget year. The amount of the revolving fund allocated to the central and provincial organization of the Ministry will be 10 billion lire.

The accounting services of the enterprises of the revolving funds related to the Ministry of Health will be performed by the Ministry, but the accounting services of the company's revolving funds submitted by the Ministry and approved by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance are performed by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.


Those who bring, vaccinate, use, store, store and transport embryos and reproductive cells illegally, who buy, sell, mediate or act as intermediaries or brokers, or encourage, direct, publish, if the judgment does not constitute a criminal offense requiring a more severe punishment , shall be punished by imprisonment for a term of 3 to 5 years and a fine of one to two thousand days.

Center for donation and reproductive treatment of organs will not be opened without the permission of the Ministry. Health institutions and organizations that act contrary to the principles and procedures established by law and ministry, suspend or cancel.

The proposal includes arrangements for assisting in reproductive treatment.

According to the proposal, in cases where there is no natural child or medical necessity, reproductive cells of the female and male sex may be applied to reproductive cells or embryonic mothers by being suitable for fertilization with medical methods and for insemination inside or outside the body. This method will only be done with married partners.

These applications for treatment can be performed only by physicians authorized by the Ministry and within the medical principles established by the Ministry and centers for the treatment of reproductive aid licensed by the Ministry.

Reproductive cells of one or both spouses and embryos derived from these cells will be forbidden to have children and surrogacy by applying them to others. The donation process using a reproductive cell or embryo belonging to someone else for the purpose of this purpose of the reproductive cell, embryo donation, sale, possession, use, storage, transport, import, export and mediation of these procedures shall be prohibited.


Transplantation of living organs; His wife, who is married for at least 2 years, will have relatives of blood and beech to the fourth degree (including his fourth degree). In cases where organ transplantation is necessary after marriage, it is not necessary that spouses are married for at least 2 years.

The Ethical Transplantation Commission will be established in every province where there are hospitals that provide transplant services.

Faculty members of the Faculty of Health Sciences will be appointed by the Board of Creditors at the proposal of the Ministry of Health, taking into account the needs and qualifications of educational and research hospitals, together with the needs and qualifications of educational and research hospitals, which will be awarded to the University of Health Sciences.

Regulation on the permission of a doctor to receive more than one doctor will be abolished.

The proposal regulates problems related to the use of medical institutions and universities in the field of medicine and dentistry, together with specialized training committees.

Therefore, the protocol can be signed with more than one university for health institutions that are used together.


The proposal aims to prevent violence against health workers, to ensure that health services are implemented better, more efficiently and effectively, and not interrupted.

Those who are suspicious of intentional crimes due to their duties to staff working in health institutions and organizations will be captured by law enforcement officials, and the necessary procedures will be executed and transferred to the main public prosecutor's office.

The public prosecutor will conduct court proceedings. In the investigation of these crimes, statements by medical personnel who are complainants, victims or witnesses to law enforcement agencies will be conducted at the workplace.

These provisions will also apply to intentional crimes due to their duties to staff working in private health institutions and organizations.


Tobacco products can not be used in television programs, films, series, music videos, advertising and promotional films, films and theaters displayed in theaters, the Internet, social media and similar environments, and pictures can not be used.

Sale of tobacco products will not be possible in health, education and training, cultural and sports services and university campuses.

With packages of tobacco products, an area where warnings and messages written on bottles for the dress with their pictorial and Turkish warnings will increase from 65 to 85 percent.

Texts and data on all tobacco products will be the same.

Or import tobacco products manufactured in Turkey; The brand format, font size, point size, package location, package color, including other text, phrases and images, designed in the same way as a regular and standard package, will be available in the form of a market.


The brand will be written on only one surface of the package and no more than 5 percent of this surface. No packages, symbols, or other brand marks will be placed on the packages. These rules apply to boxes of tobacco products that contain more than one package.

Issues related to packages of cigarettes designed as one type will be regulated by the regulation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry with the consent of the Ministry of Health.

Those who do not comply with these prohibitions, the local administrative authority with an administrative fine up to 5,000 pounds up to 20 thousand pounds. In case of repeated violations in the same period after the closing of the sentence, the company will be fined for 20 days to one month.

This arrangement before the effective date produced in Turkey or tobacco products from import, within 7 months, Preventing the harm of tobacco products control and rules and the ban of the Law will be available to regulate substances.


The offer regulates the operational procedures and principles of the blood and blood products production centers operating without a permit.

By applying the proposal, family doctors and family health workers have the opportunity to open an education school, a family health center at primary universities by specifying work time and duration.

At the end of the period determined by the Ministry of Health, people can change their family doctors or change the family doctor of the Ministry of Health in accordance with the planning of health services. Number of people registered for each family doctor; the geographical conditions, the planning of health services will be based on criteria such as.

"Family health staff" in the form of "family health workers", "family health workers" in the form of "family health workers" in the form of "family health workers" in the phrase "family health workers" in the form of "family health workers" in the form of " health element "phrases" family "health workers" and "family health workers" with the phrase "family health workers" are changed as.

The proposal extends the scope of SSI support to married couples who can not have children. Accordingly, the age limit for women is younger than 23 years and younger than 40 years. With the exception of couples with undamaged children, the facility will be financed by the SSI to have an undamaged child with a hereditary disease or known as the carrier of this disease.

The Law on Blood and Blood Products has been amended and sanctions on blood products and blood products have been reorganized according to the needs and conditions of the day. Accordingly, those who work without a permit will be banned from the operation of the governor and will be fined with an administrative fine of 10 thousand Turkish liras. For those who are found not to contain documents and samples that need to be managed, and those who work outside the scope of the existing license, 10 thousand Turkish liras of administrative penalties will be imposed. If these injuries are repeated within two years, the administrative penalty will be increased once. In the third repetition, an additional administrative penalty will be suspended and its activity will be stopped for up to 10 days. In the fourth iteration, blood and blood sites will stop indefinitely.

On the label of food and the strengthening of food in order to protect public health, used in the promotion of health requirements or advertising will be allowed Turkish Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency.


Sanctions will be provided for municipalities and special provincial administrations with regard to spring water, drinking water, natural mineral waters and medical water.

Pharmaceutical form which strengthens food with special production of medical food nutrition purposes, import duties related to export and control and power of Turkish medicines and medical devices is the administrative sanctioning of powers in this regard the body will be equipped with local civil authorities Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Agency medical devices .

In the proposal, in integrated city hospitals, reorganization of contractor services at the end of 10 years of market testing of services provided in the amount of medical support services under the contract. Accordingly, voluntary services will be updated with a periodic test in the market, which does not exceed 10 years in medical support services. The amount of business each year during the guarantee period, the Turkish Statistics Institution determines at the rate of increase the domestic index of producer prices will increase.

Since there is no need for foreign languages ​​in the employment of inspectors, auditors, auditors, auditors, auditors, auditors, auditors, auditors, auditors, auditors, auditors, auditors, and trainee auditors.

On the other hand, Article 25 of a member of the offer of tobacco products in closed cabinets that people can not come and who can not be seen in the article is removed from the text of the paragraph.


A meeting was proposed at the meeting.

In accordance with the Basic Law on Health Services, within the framework of this law, a contract will be issued within three months from the date of entry into force of the substance with university staff working in health institutions in which the protocol on prevention was made.

The main branch of specialization in dentistry and training periods, oral pathology, dentistry as a branch of expertise have been added.

Prior to the date of entry into force of laws in the field of oral pathology or those who have started doctoral education in the field of dentistry who have successfully completed their education, oral pathology will receive the certificate of field experts.

Prior to the entry into force of the substance, the dentist will perform doctoral education in the field of medical pathology and tumor pathology. and will be able to apply for a specialization certificate within three months from the date of entry into force of the member by submitting documentation related to the training received and scientific publications published in Turkey and abroad in this field.

The Medical Specialization Committee will evaluate applications within 6 months of the expiration of the application deadline. Those with adequate studies will receive a certificate of expertise in the field of oral pathology.

In order for USHAS to accomplish its mission and provide more efficient services, building facilities for health and educational institutions abroad, mediating the provision of foreign students to educational institutions abroad, opening educational institutions abroad and performing educational activities are also among their activities.

Legal assistance for staff working in health institutions affiliated with the Ministry of Health applies to health workers exposed to violence for health services at state and foundational universities. The procedures and principles of this assistance are determined by the Higher Education Council.


MP MZP Gaziantep Ali Muhitin Tasdogan said this text was positive, but the health of violence is not enough to see the solution, and deterrence measures should be increased, he said.

AK Party Bidder Provider Ismail Tamer in health incidents of violence before a court before mutual agreement, this "compromise" proposal, even if the so-called prosecutor and the public prosecutor would do the necessary investigation.

ЦХП Измир Заменик Кани Беко дели статистичке податке о насиљу који се примењује на здравствене раднике и тврдио да чланак није садржао било који садржај за спречавање криминала.

Замјеник из ХДП-а Измир, Серпил Кемалбаи Пекгозегу, тврдио је да је ствар поднесена под оптужбама за рјешавање насиља у здравству, али да је она постављена као насловница ХД. Пекгозегу је тврдио да наслов у приједлогу ништа не мијења и да оно што је у члану већ постојало у постојећим законима.

ДОБРА странка Странка Анталије Туба Вурал Чокал, лекар који је био изложен насиљу, наводећи да је "само име супстанце исправна, унутрашња је празна", рекао је он.

Потпредседник ЦХП групе Озгур Озел рекао је да је Скупштина предложила оснивање 11 истражних одбора за насиље над здравственим радницима у 24 периода и 10 одбијених, 4 дана након одбијања коначног предлога. После убиства Ерсина Арслана рекла је да је комисија основана.

Приватни, здравствени радници на превенцији насиља, професионалне организације, представници здравствених радника и синдикати формирали су подкомисију за стварање краткорочног решења који су очекивали да ће се производити.

Заменик председника Министарства здравља на питања посланика. Доктор Мухамет Гувен, систем именовања центра лекара (МХРС) 2.3 милиона сједница седмично, именовање именовања или неспособност да дође до састанка или систематичних разлога, број људи који не могу да прођу 631.

Повјерење, укупно је износило 49 хиљада седмичних жалби око именовања 164.

Мухамет Гвен изјавио је да је број грађана који су најмање једном сазвали из МЗРС-а је 57 милиона.

Са друге стране, на предлог посланица АК-а, капетани брода који поступају против забране поменутих у Закону о здравственом стању брода, административне казне за брод без дисконтне здравствене заштите, Члан 19 је уклоњен из текста.


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