Wednesday , September 28 2022

The doctor broke his finger: 16 months in prison for a defused attacker and 500 pounds in 5 wars


Dr. Mehmet Gurkan Turan, a woman next to an attacker, came to print a drug two times, saying the patient was paralyzed and bedded, he said. Turan said he wanted to print insulin medicine when the attacker arrived recently:

"He came to me with a paperwork and asked me to write insulin, and when I asked him what insulin he was, he gave me papers." "Paperwork in foreign insurance companies." "We do not see where the medicine is written to patients in insurance abroad." I told you about the situation. He said "Look at that from the computer then," I told him that we had not seen any kind of medication before. "He insulted me. I am sick of my mum and dad, which drug I know you know." Let me tell you which insulin I said I then threw papers in my face I got up When I got up I came to m and I grabbed my necklace, and I was in my hands, He threw me because the door was open, he hit a few hands, but the pointer did not hit me, and then he pulled out the exits, and I noticed that the finger was broken, we took the gypsum and complained about it. & # 39; & # 39;

Stressing that Turan's sentence was "500 pounds fine, and this is taken into account in terms of the financial situation, it was decided to pay in 5 installments. I did not mean to oppose it because I had confidence in this issue," he said.

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