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The doctor will not take cancer

As the number of cancer cases increases in the world, the number of oncology specialists may be inadequate. According to the latest study by the World Health Organization, patients with cancer who need chemotherapy in the following years will continue to grow. If the necessary planning can not be done, a sufficient number of doctors will not be trained to implement these lifesaving treatments.


According to the study published in the prestigious medical journal Lancet, the number of patients who need chemotherapy will increase from 9 to 800 million to 15 million in 2040. Two thirds of these patients will be from low and middle income countries.

According to the predictions made by computer modeling, the number of oncologists who provide this chemotherapy will be 65 thousand in 2018, while the number required will reach 100 thousand by 2040.

According to news from America's Voice; The research team is called Brooke Wilson from the University of New South Wales, Australia. According to Wilson, who has been working on data on cancer for many years, countries and institutes should start planning the results of this research. Wilson, Gel strategies for workforce in global health are necessary for the safe treatment of current and future patients. Using our corporate data, we can predict the need to work in the future, veril chemotherapy he said.


Wilson and his team analyzed patient data from the United States and Australia, data on the stage of cancers and the treatment methods followed, and the rates for which patients with cancer needed chemotherapy . These data were applied to the global figures for cancer of adults and children from 2014 to 2018 and determined how many cancer specialists would be needed in the future.

In the study, it was anticipated that 35% of 15 million patients with cancer who received chemotherapy in 2040 would live in East Asia. It is estimated that one million of 700 thousand patients will be from Central and South Asia and that number will be about 810 thousand in 980 thousand from Europe in North America.

Another prediction is that between the types of cancer in 2040, those who need more chemotherapy will have lungs, thorax and large intestine.

The reason for the increase in the diagnosis of cancer is also remarkable. According to experts, human cancer will increase the risk of cancer in old age.

According to William Nelson, president of the Sydney Kimmel Cancer Center of the Johns Hopkins University, one of the solutions could be the preparation of the oncologist's treatment plan and the appointment of other medical personnel for Detail it and implement it.

According to Nelson, there is a hope that, until 2040, chemotherapy methods will change. Because, now, vascular treatment is replaced by pills and side effects can be reduced.


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