Tuesday , May 17 2022

The market crypto money upside down | Hardvare Nevs


In 2017, the market of the crypt of money, which was flooded, but lost its voice when we entered 2018, can not achieve the expected result. Although there were projects that satisfied investors on a currency basis, there were generally no exits, so they began to fall. This week there is a collapse.

To the level of the fall

Coinmarketcap According to the market data crypt of money within three days, about 25 billion dollars has melted, and the market value has fallen to 187 billion dollars. bitcoinAlthough the weight of 53.4 percent of the market continued to fall below the $ 100 billion limit.

From tomorrow Bitcoin Cash While preparations for bifurcation in the unit continue, the exact cause of this fall is not yet known. In addition to several units, the first list 100 has two-digit decay. Some sources show that the Binance Stock Exchange is closed today.

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Market leader bitcoin With a decrease of around 12 percent, it fell to $ 5600. The market value was 97 billion dollars. These numbers were last seen in June.

Ethereum, with a drop of around 15 percent, fell to $ 176. Ripple almost deleted his earnings on a big break he had made some time ago. 14% fall waves currently trades about 44 cents.

Bitcoin Cash 19 percent decreased to $ 424. Stellar traded at around $ 0.22, which is 14 percent less, but left behind EOS with a small margin, making it the fifth largest crypto currency. Dogecoin could not continue after a big increase and returned to 0.0026 dollars by returning what they won.

Although some experts saw this as the autumn before they entered the plant market, the same things began. On the other hand I Etherea With the GPU on the network, there's almost no gain in the month of excavation starts to cause signs on the mining site.

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