Friday , February 26 2021

Turkcell and NVIDIA collaboration for online gaming service: NVIDIA GeForce NOW powered by GAMEPLUS

Turkcell will present its cloud-based gaming platform in the first quarter of 2021 Webrazzi Summit 2020 announced to you in October, we have transferred. An important statement was made today on the subject. Turkcell, For the new gaming platform that will be called GAMEPLUS NVIDIA GeForce ARA went to cooperate with.

NVIDIA GeForce NOW is made according to the shared information, GAMEPLUS cooperation with Turkey will serve outside the servers. Nvidia GeForce Now this online gaming service available in February last year in many countries, including Turkey, and we pass on the system details to you sooner.

Strong for games equipment your need In the middle lifting The system allows you to play current games by streaming. Thanks to GAMEPLUS-powered NVIDIA GeForce NOW, playing the latest games will be as easy and accessible as watching movies online.

Cyberpunk 2077, the series The Witcher, Fortnite, League of Legends and Apex Legends, which has more than 650 games in its catalog NVIDIA GeForce NOW powered by GAMEPLUS, It will constantly update its catalog with recently released popular games.

NOW powered by NVIDIA GeForce GAMEPLUS all these games that used subscribers without relying on server hardware in Turkey 1At 080p resolution i 60 Fps to be able to play as. Monthly i seasonal subscription will work with NVIDIA GeForce NOW powered by GAMEPLUS. Steam, Epic Shop, Uplay, Riot and many more powerful platforms have support.

Claiming that they took an important step towards the cloud-based gaming industry in Turkey General Manager of Turkcell, Murat Erkanwe share that cloud-based gaming services will revolutionize the entire gaming ecosystem and that it is an innovative innovation in this field.

The number one in the industry in partnering with NVDIA cloud based on game platforms the NVIDIA GeForce NOW powered by GAMEPLUS through the statement that they would provide everyone with great costs for the current game Erkan, shared so that the Turkish gaming market while growing the gaming ecosystem, as they intended to take place between market pioneers, as they will also make business alliances with other big players.

Game lovers who want to be among the first to use NVIDIA GeForce NOW thanks to GAMEPLUS, which will first serve a limited number of users from here They must pre-register.

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