Monday , January 17 2022

Turkey’s victory in the Dutch press: Burak Yilmaz, beat Ronaldo


  • Yusuf Ozkan
  • The Hague, Netherlands


Font, EPA

The qualifying group for the 2022 World Cup in Turkey in the Netherlands had a big impact on the 4-2 defeat in the first match. The Dutch press wrote that Burak Yilmaz, 35, destroyed the hopes of the Netherlands.

Burak Yilmaz, who scored three goals in a match with the Dutch national team, was commented that Cristiano Ronaldo was “dethroned”.

The defeat in Istanbul opened the debate on the future of Dutch national team coach Frank de Boer.

The Dutch national team, which was looking for a new start after former Galatasaray star Frank de Boer took over, was unable to reach the desired level. For this reason, Turkey is the first rival in the World Cup qualifiers, it has caused tension in the Netherlands.

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