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We could do the bottom of the screen, but we did not do it


Huawei, the smartphone maker in China, did not need to have the brand name on the bottom of the smartphone's screen, but Huawei wanted it to be.

The success of our smartphone design and therefore the elegant appearance as a result of a survey study is one of the most important criteria we consider when choosing -the bear. Huawei, who has quickly entered the smartphone sector in recent years, is one of the companies that put a thick frame at the bottom of the screen of smartphones.


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The reason he mentions the name of Huawei is the explanation of its CEO. CEO of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei: "We could have made the bottom dilute." I said the thickness of their smartphones at the bottom of the screen is thick, they said. He added that the bulk of his words was not just for the appearance of the brand but also for other features.


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Huawei claims that users could accidentally hit other sites if the bottom part was fitted and said that users could use their smartphones a much more convenient way. However, users complain too much about using bold Huawei frames on their smartphones, while devices from other smart device manufacturers are virtually unfocused.