Saturday , May 8 2021

Who was eliminated in MasterChef? The critical name shocked the competitors!

There was a shocking event at MasterChef, a program to watch the screen for the screen. Among the funny names of the competition, Murat, the bosses are almost crazy. Murat did not respect warning warnings fired from the studio. On the other hand, there was an exciting competition between Meltem, Ugura and Kerem. So, who was eliminated in MasterChef? Here is the name that is eliminated and saluted with dreams.


Just like every week, a critical night projection was held this week at MasterChef. Meltem, who lost the first match of the week, became the title of the Meltem qualifying chain. The second elimination game was held as an outer bullet and competitors cooked guests at the mall. The Red Team was the team that lost in the second elimination game, and Kerem and Ugur from the Red Teams entered the qualification pot. Meltem, Kerem and Ugur were excited. But the event that marked the eternal elimination of Murat's movements. Murat, who did not listen to the warnings and continued to speak continuously, suffered a great shock because of his disrespect for conductors and guests. Meltem, the person from Ugur and Kerem waiting for elimination eliminated the name of the cook Murat. Murat was disqualified from the competition.

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