Tuesday , May 18 2021

Who's Emre Ozkan? Ioutuber Emre Ozkan bitter news

Emre Ozkan died. Emre Ozkan, who has a large fan base with her videos on Ioutube, has lost her life with her lover Cansu Kovancı after an accident at the studio …

The incident occurred at 6:00 am in the studio on the street Bagcılar Istanbul. Famous iuber Emre Ozkan and his girlfriend Cansu Kovancı stayed in a studio where a fire broke out from electrical contact, and Ozkan and his girlfriend Coins lost their lives.


Emre Ozkan, born in 1993 in Samsun, Havza, lives in Bagcılar district, Istanbul. He graduated from the University of Arizona, radio, TV and cinema. She is known for her parody videos that IwTube watched a few dozen times and having more than 300,000 subscribers.

Also during the July 15 attack, Bagcılar saw that the square came around a song about Emre Ozkan, sang to Turkey "to write my dad song." I came completely from the inside to launch a pencil with pure emotion and came to me, "I want to make a new one" , he said. So, we have our view I can say that I did my part, "he said.

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