Monday , May 10 2021

World event on diabetes in Umrani

Pupils and teachers of kitchen cuisine Umraniie with the support of the Directorate of Health in Urrania organized an event that would draw attention to World Diabetes Day.

In this case, first, the dietician Gulsah Iigit gave information on what should be paid attention to diagnosis and prevention of diabetes and give recipes of delicious dishes from patients with diabetes. Nurses and doctors associated with the Health Care Directorate in Umraniye provided information on food calories and the duration of movement that the body needed to measure values ​​such as blood pressure, body mass index and attendant blood. Deputy Mayor of Umraniye Turkan Ozturk, Director of Health Care in Urrania Cemal Karaagach, Head of the branch office of health institutions Umraniye, doctors, nurses, training courses and students.

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