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8 & # 39; Casual & # 39; causes of hair loss


– Hair loss is a problem that causes both men and women. The reasons for this are multiple and complex, many of which are known.

However, the site "HealthSite" medical, follows eight reasons for an unusual loss of hair, which ultimately leads to baldness:

Psychological factors

Hair loss can be increased when a person experiences a period of stress, tension and anxiety, such as the period after a car accident. Psychological or physical trauma affects the cycle of hair growth and increases its decline, but the good news is that nature will naturally develop if the body recoveres. Or improve the psychological state of a person.

Vitamin A

According to a medical study published at the American Academy of Dermatology, taking vitamin A can lead to hair loss, which is due to a gradual increase once you stop taking it.


Hair loss is likely to increase in people who follow a diet that does not contain enough protein, because food products like meat, fish and eggs contribute to hair growth.

Genetic factor

If your family has a hair loss already in the early years, you will probably face the same things. According to a study published in Genetics, the genetic factor is one of the main causes of hair loss.


It is possible that hypothyroidism is one of the reasons for losing hair: a person can lose hair if the gland does not leave enough hormones that are responsible for his secretion. The increase in the number of hair is due to the normal level in the treatment of glands with appropriate drugs.

Immune system

Excessive activity of the immune system causes "alopecia", causing hair loss and the appearance of "bald spots" in the head, because scientists estimate the immune system of hair as a foreign body and are wrongly targeted.

Weight loss

Sudden weight loss baffles the body and accelerates hair loss. Hair loss can also be an indicator of nutritional disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

Specific drugs

Certain drugs, such as depression and blood pressure, contribute to hair loss in medical studies, and this problem can be avoided by reducing recommended doses after consultation with a doctor.

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