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Agiri warns deaf to Hani Ramzi and has just opened the files


National expert Javier Aguirre sent a warning message to his assistant, Hani Ramzi, threatening to reveal all the files that belong to him during his work in the national team.

Agiri had received a report from one of its Egyptian associates on the content of the allegations that arose in the dialogue that Hani Ramzi of one of the websites attacked the manager and several players, which caused the resentment and the outrage of the special that Hani Ramzi did not show during his work any objections against any type of work. The technical staff, but was a key partner both in the selection of the list and in any technical question.

Agiri told his agent that he will not be too silent about these maneuvers that he will get as a trainer in the training market, but will have to do an international press conference or talk with one of the most important channels in the world to reveal everything about the team and all its assistants. In silence, what is the reason to distort his image and the image of one of his assistants.
"It is no longer tolerable, especially since it has a lot to be revealed at the time," said Agiri at the agency.

Hani Ramzi came out yesterday in statements trying to get acquitted and jump from the national team of the sunken ship, after the humiliating departure of the African Nations Championship in Egypt after the loss of South Africa, a net goal in the role of 16 of the championship, including coach comments on player options and the manager's path. Technician, pointing out that he warned the engineer Hani Abureda of the consequences.

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