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An important 1600-year-old artwork was found four decades after it was stolen


Al-Fursan, quoting the BBC BBC Arabic We announce the discovery of a valuable piece of art 1600 years after 4 decades of theft, found the precious work of 1600 years after 4 decades to steal it, we announce to you our visitors News today through our network Knights and start with the Most Outstanding News,

Forsan Network Dutch Art Expert – Indiana Jones Art Vorld – discovered a historic piece of mosaics from the 6th century, some four decades after it was stolen in Cyprus.

Arthur Brand said he had a special feeling when a piece, older than 1600, was found in a Monaco apartment.

On Friday, Brand handed over the image of the Cyprus embassy in The Hague.

The brand became known for restoring stolen works since 2015 when two bronze bronze statues were found in front of Hitler's office during the Nazi era.

Where were the mosaics? Archaeological findings?

The St. Mark's artifact, dating back to the Byzantine era, was stolen from the Church of Panaj Kanarakarija, about 105 km northeast of the main Nicosia, in the 1970s.

The brand spent almost two years in the picture tracking across Europe, until finally it was found owned by the British family.

"They bought a picture of good faith for more than four decades," AFP said.

"They were surprised when they learned that it was priceless treasure and that he was robbed of a canakary church after the Turkish invasion," Brand said.

"It's one of the greatest moments of my life," he said.

Discovering stolen works

  • In 2004, two paintings by Edward Munch "Scream" and "The Virgin" were stolen by gunmen attacking the Munich Museum in Oslo. The armed authorities punished the prison and found two images after a hidden effort in 2006.
  • Another copy of Vrishta was stolen from the National Art Museum in Oslo in 1994, and British secret agents found the picture later.
  • In 2012, seven works were stolen from the Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam, including works by Picasso, Monet and Matisse. The police arrested two thieves and sentenced them to prison and told the court in Bucharest that security measures at the museum were poor.
  • Earlier this year, four paintings from a total of 24 paintings stolen from the Dutch Museum in 2005 were found in Ukraine.


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