Wednesday , August 4 2021

Asala sends a touching message to Angham Ward, the latter is fast

Syrian actress Asala sent an influential letter of apology to Egyptian actress Angham for what she had said due to the disagreement between them about two years ago in the context of the recent marriage of music distributor Ahmed Ibrahim, husband of Asala’s sister’s nephew, Palestinian director Tariq Al-Erian.
Asala posted a photo of Angham with her two children on her own Instagram page and said, “No introductions, I want to apologize to my dearest friend, always melodious about my sources, and I miscalculated. and I also apologize very much to my sons Omar and Abdel Rahman for what happened .. If I did, he would not respond.I accepted and appreciated … and it was supposed that in all circumstances, which was not a support for some.very, I dared and did something I wanted to do if I extended it) Angham.

In turn, Angham responded quickly to this message from Asala and reposted the photo on his own Instagram page and said, “We are all wrong, oh Asala, and it is thought for you that you have the courage to apologize and despite everything that happened, I do not accept your apologies and God forgive what preceded Angham. “

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