Thursday , October 28 2021

Cholera is in the diabetic department of Dalia, Yemen


In the Yemenite province of Dhala, residents of the Al-Hazaa district initiated a call for relief to international organizations to seek medical help to deal with the cholera epidemic, after the # 39; Increase in the number of people injured in the peoples of the Directorate, who suffer from the lack of medication and medical solutions in health facilities.

Jalal al-Samadi, a media and humanitarian activist, said the cholera epidemic had largely spread to the Al-Zaytah district in Dali in January, causing hundreds of injured civilians and a death.

Al-Samadi told the "new Arab" that cholera "kills the population, while there are no medications or medical solutions at health facilities and quarries, which receive cases infected with the disease," and goes He noted that the number of victims increased.

He added: "The health office in the province provided medical assistance to the health facilities of the Directorate, but that the assistance did not meet the purpose, due to the increase of the children wounded and the elderly. "

"The total number of cases that reached the quarantine in the Shaaitha area of ​​the International Rescue Organization, the number of 16 cases, including 8 positive cases confirmed for a quick exam."

Al-Samadi noted that the International Rescue Organization "provided little support with a quantity of fluids and intravenous solutions and treatments for cholera, as well as hygiene materials and awareness leaflets to prevent the disease and reduce its spread. " He stressed the absence of "any intervention or support from other organizations, to date, to reduce the spread of the cholera epidemic in the region, which threatens a health disaster in the Directorate ".

In the context, a medical report issued by the Office of Management Health increased the incidence of diseases in the peoples of the Directorate, which require rapid intervention by organizations to provide assistance and assistance to reduce the spread of the illness and work to bring medical equipment to the region and provide medicines and medical supplies to provide services Health and treatment of the injured, until the illness is contained, according to the report.

According to the report, the containment of cholera in the Directorate "requires the transformation of the main source of potable water and open water deposits suspected of contaminating with cholera and distribution of chlorine tapes in houses to sterilize water and reduce the spread of the disease. "

The report added that the health units of the Directorate need to provide "oral medications, intravenous and antibiotic solutions (Doxacillin), as well as the distribution of cleaner materials and the creation of awareness-raising workshops on the prevention of diseases between the inhabitants of the Management.

The health authorities of Sanaa have reported 493 cases of cholera and 36,126 suspected cases of avian influenza last year throughout the country.

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