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Correct treatment for ophthalmology

The eye, like the rest of the organs, is exposed to various diseases that affect it, among which ophthalmology stands out, what is ophthalmology, what are their types and what are the appropriate methods of treatment.



What is ophthalmology?

The human eye contains a dark part, known as a cornea and a white part, which is surrounded by a thin transparent membrane, called the membrane of the conjunctiva, which is an inflammation of this transparent membrane due to a seasonal change of the stations or microbiological or viral cause.


Spring ophthalmology

It usually occurs during periods of change of seasons and spring, causing atmospheric pollen and pollutants in the atmosphere to irritate the conjunctiva and cause inflammation.

Microbial lupus

This type of ophthalmia is caused by bacteria and is called psoriasis, which is a very contagious yeast. Therefore, the person who is in contact with the patient must take care and take care of the washing of the hands, the cleaning and not touching the eye.

Viral ejaculation

As is apparent from his name, the cause of this echocardium is a virus called this type of conjunctivitis, ophthalmia, which is also very serious, sodium ophthalmic should be cautious.



Methods of treatment of ophthalmia:

First: pharmaceutical therapy:

Treatment by doctor ointment under the supervision of the doctor, especially of viral and microbial yeasts. The use of antibiotics to eliminate bacteria that cause ejaculation. Medical drops where the doctor can recommend using drops of tears that hydrate the eyes and wash it to eliminate ophthalmic secretions. Antihypertensive drugs for those who have the same susceptibility also reduce the symptoms of eye ophthalmia. Antihypertensive and contraceptive drugs.

Second: home treatment:

Pay attention to hand washing with soap and water continuously and be careful not to touch the eye, except with a clean hand. Keep your eyes clean by wiping the secretions with a clean cloth or wipe the towels and remove them after cleaning them, then wash your hands with soap and water. Use cold water pads in the eye by immersing a clean cloth in cold water and placing it in the affected eye several times throughout the day. It must be borne in mind that if an eye is anemic and the other is healthy, the apples should not be placed in the healthy eye after placing it in the affected eye to prevent transmission. For healthy eye infection. Avoid direct eye contact or rub it with your hand, but you can use fabrics or a clean cloth. Stop putting any type of makeup in the eye until they are cured completely. Avoid using adhesive lenses, as they reduce the access to the oxygen of the eye. Avoid going out into the stormy atmosphere, loaded with dust, as well as the presence in high pollution sites coming from car or smoke exhaust gases, as they affect the retardation of the recovery of # 39. ophthalmology



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