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Detection of the relationship between lack of sleep and pain sensation

Detection of the relationship between lack of sleep and pain sensation

Wednesday, 24 Jumada I 1440 AH – January 30, 2019 Issue number of AD [

Cairo: Hazem Badr

When we have problems sleeping, we feel pain, but how does it happen to the human body? This question was answered by researchers from the University of California, USA, identifying sound sleep disorders of the brain, intensifying and prolonging pain.
In a study published yesterday in the Journal of Neurosciences, the research team observed changes in areas of pain in the brain after sleep deprivation, where some regions were inflated, while others were less active. To try it, the team performed an experiment to test brain activity with pain after a night-time sleep and after a night of sleep deprivation. According to the study's details, uncomfortable heat levels were applied to the legs of more than 20 healthy adults, and participants felt uncomfortable at 111 degrees Fahrenheit (about 44 degrees Celsius). The team tried the pain sensitivity of some of them after a night full of sleep, others have a sleepy night afternoon.
The study found that the vast majority of people without reported pain at an early age of about 107 degrees Fahrenheit, which means that their pain sensitivity increased after an insufficient sleep, instead of the group who slept enough and showed ability to endure pain.
Adam Krauss, an associate, told Asharq Al-Awsat: "We have identified an area of ​​the somatosensory cortex, which usually works to record the seriousness of the pain signals in the beginning, and we have found that the lack of sleep provoked A violent response, The insulin and the nucleus accumbens, who receive signs of pain and use natural analgesics to respond to ".
"This means that loss of sleep causes pain by interrupting the ability of the brain to accurately record and respond to signs of pain when it occurs. The injury to two people may be one, but each feeling of pain depends on the # 39 ; evaluation of the brain due to the condition of the person with the dream is good. Or no.

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