Wednesday , September 28 2022

Dubai explores rare flu cases Teenager was killed within hours


An unusual flu virus caused the sudden death of a 17-year-old Indian girl in Dubai a few hours after arriving at the hospital, which led authorities to formally investigate the incident.

Rashid Hospital in Dubai said doctors were unable to differentiate the nature of the virus when Ali Niaz Ali's girlfriend arrived at the hospital and conducted a preliminary examination.

The child was immediately transferred to the ambulance because of a poor health condition. She was exposed to comprehensive and urgent examinations, while her health continued to deteriorate as she died hours after she arrived at the hospital.

In his comment on the news, the father confirmed that he received an official call from the Ministry of Health, which confirmed that the circumstances of the event were thoroughly investigated and that the authorities requested that the samples from the hospital be examined and examined to determine the real cause of death.

In the same context, doctors pointed out that the health of the girls was very strange and rare, they could not explain why the accumulation of fluid around the heart of Alia and her stomach.

Source: Gulf News

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