Thursday , June 24 2021

Elissa after the news of a traffic accident: knock on the tree "!

Follow Gulf 365 – Dubai – Asil Ahmadi – the Libyan singer came out Elissa From silence, in order to discover the truth of the news that had been published over the past hours about the terrible accident, it has led to its death, emphasizing that this is fine and that this news does not go beyond the fact that this is commonplace.

Elisa expressed her deep dissatisfaction over the launch of such a ridiculous rumor, asking all of them to stop spreading these false news.

She said through her official bill on Twitter: "Rumors are stupid everywhere .. I'm fine .. No accident or death .. Do not stop the news … Stop the publication of false news."

The Lebanese actress has released a pleasant surprise to the audience two days ago, accenting that she has begun preparing for her new album.

"I officially chose my first album, which I can not stop listening to," she said.

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