Tuesday , May 18 2021

Emirates has added 5 new languages ​​and expanded its services to 142 countries

The Emirates news agency added 5 new rolls

The Emirates news agency added 5 new rolls

The United Arab Emirates news agency VAM has expanded its information services in 13 languages, encompassing 142 countries by adding five new languages ​​- German, Italian, Turkish, Persian, and Indian – which cover a population of about 42 countries in six languages ​​covering around 100 languages. Launched in September 2017 – French, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Urdu languages, as well as in Arabic and English.

The expansion of the Agency's information services contributes to the strengthening of the UAE's cultural character, improving the positive image, highlighting its achievements in the world class, and spreading the message of tolerance, moderation and moderation.

The plans for the continuous development of VAM's information services fall within the framework of the National Media Council on the promotion of the UAE media sector and the strengthening of its ability to spread the UAE message and its unique position as a global model of coexistence between different races, religions and religions. Wide coverage of all continents of the world.

Dr Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber, State Minister and President of the National Council for Media, said: "The UAE has a prominent position at the international level and continues its blessed path to achieve leading achievements in all areas and sectors based on vision and sending wise leadership they do not endure the effort. In order to ensure all factors of success and excellence for different sectors of the state. "

"The National Media Council plays a key role in highlighting these achievements in different sectors of the country. The expansion of newspaper services The UAE News Agency (VAM) in five new languages ​​contributes to achieving this role by creating important communication channels Different People of the World in their languages, which is in line with the state's interest in supporting and consolidating friendly relations with the international community. "

He stressed that this new extension is an important resource for delivering the message and values ​​of the state internally and externally, especially since the United Arab Emirates is a unique model of tolerance and coexistence among nations with the acceptance of more than 200 nationalities in their country.

Mohamed Jalal Al Risi, executive director of the Emirates News Agency, said that the VAM linguistic project received a wide range of attention from countries that provided our information services in different languages. "We have been working on the development of this project to add five new languages. It operates 42 countries around the world, contributing to the arrival of news and UAE missions in the wider segment to reach 142 countries."

"During the first phase of the project, we noticed a significant increase in the coverage of state news, which is translated into French, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Urdu," he said, adding that the agency will continue in the next phase with countries that talk about these languages. From the agreement on media cooperation, with the aim of improving the vital role of VAM in the transmission of truth and news to the world with a high degree of professionalism and professionalism.

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