Thursday , October 28 2021

FilGoal | News Director of the war of ball production reveals the price of Amer and Hamadeh for Ahli … And the position of Qnawi from the pyramids


Khalid Mahdi, director of the football team, revealed the desire to include Amer Amer, goalkeeper Hammad Hamadeh and the desire for pyramids to include Ahmed Shedid Qenaoui.

This happens despite the renewal of the Amer Amer contract with war production before the end of the season.

"This is a group of our efforts and we are tired before the start of the season," said Khalid Mahdi about the position of the team in the league. "We have signed up with players from different clubs."

"All the clubs in the league are close to another and our goal is to play every game for three points," said Mehdi in a broadcast broadcast at the 9090 stadium.

The military production is in fifth place with 28 points after 20 parties.

"My contract ended at the end of the season and has the right to sign any club this month, but thanks to God and our efforts with the board, we have managed to renew their contract after three months of inquiries," said Mahdi .

"I convinced him that Al Ahli, Zamalek and Ismaili clubs had distinguished guardians, who can weaken their participation possibilities, as opposed to military production," he said.

"In the end, Amer has renewed his contract to benefit the club in a material way and we will not stay on the road if he has an official offer. We will not put impossible conditions, but in the light of the high prices of the players we seek the maximum benefit."

"We will not do anything equal to other clubs and we will put prices as 50 and 80 million, but Amer is at least 20 million," he said. "We will not sell it until the end of the season."

Speaking of Mahmood Hamadeh, Mehdi said: "One of Al Ahli's officers spoke to us about the player and exploitation of the criminal clause in our contract with Egypt for compensation."

Mahmud Hamada plays the military production of an Egyptian loan for compensation and the club has the right to obtain it at the end of the season in case of payment of 500 thousand pounds.

"We told the Ahly official that the club should wait until the end of the season to activate the purchase item and we meet to determine the price of the player, which could He reached 10 million if Ahli continued to include him and was looking for the greatest benefit to buy other players.

"There are already bids near Pyramids to join Ahmed Shedid Qenaoui, but there is a back injury to Hicham Shehata," Mehdi said.

"If we find an alternative with the same strong value and we can contract with him, we are very informed in this case, we will immediately accept going to the Pyramids and we will not be an obstacle."

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