Saturday , September 25 2021

Frequency “Now” between open sports, Nilesat, beIN SPORTS HD 7 || Download the channels that broadcast the match between Egypt and Spain today

The frequency of the BN Sport Open in Nilesat, the bearer of the matches of the Egyptian Olympic team, we offer you now, as the Qatari Bein Sport network announced the broadcast of the match between the Egyptian Olympic team and the Spanish national team through its open channel and the Egyptian team plays in the Tokyo Olympics, which begin on July 23, 2021, where the 2021 Olympic activities will begin on Thursday, July 22, 2021 in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, and you will be able to download the frequency of the Bein Sport 7 channel, which includes the match between Egypt and Spain today, from the frequencies we attach, the frequency of the Bein sports channels.

Channels between sports and sports

The Qatar chain group announced that it will work to broadcast international matches, to be held in Tokyo, Japan, in 2021, for the participation of two Arab football giants, Africa and Asia, where we will follow the Egyptian team, as well. like the The Saudi team and the two teams will face off against the giants of world football, so we provide you with the frequencies you are now assigned to broadcast the matches.

Frequency between open sport sd We attach, where the SRG SSR channels broadcast by the horizontal 10971 frequency 29700 announced their transfer to the Toyko tournament for free on the European satellite.

The frequency of beIN Sports Open

The frequency of the Ben Sport channel can be easily obtained from several satellites, including Nilesat and Arabsat, the most famous satellites in the Middle East, and the frequencies are as follows:

The satellite Nile sat down Nile sat down Sohail ds
Channel name beIN SPORTS HD 7 Ben N Sport 7 beIN SPORTS HD 7
Frequency 12604 11052 11623
codec rate 27500 27500 27500
Error correction rate 2/3 3/4 2/3

With this, we have obtained the frequency of beIN SPORTS 7 and we will follow in the next few hours the start of the first matches of the Egyptian Olympic team.

The Egyptian pharaohs team will face their Spanish opponent in a fiery match in the first matches of the Tokyo Olympics, and we will watch this match with a view to see if the national team of the Arab Republic of Egypt will be able to resist , and this is what we will learn at 9:30 in the morning, Cairo time.

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