Saturday , April 17 2021

Get to know the highlights of Apple's iOS 13

As usual, Apple is willing to launch a new version of its operating system, since the company is preparing to launch the version of iOS 13, where it expects the company to make a great deal Change in this system, along with other changes in the iPad and CarPlay.

According to the US website, it is anticipated that iOS 13 will provide the night mode feature introduced by Apple last year in its MacMovie operating system and will make changes to the system, that the company has not spoken for seven years. Place MacRumors confirmed.

Another report revealed that Apple plans to add a 3D camera to its next phones in the year 2020, while the end-of-course phones will carry three-lens cameras as an upgrade of existing phones, Apple will also update the versions of L & # 39; iPad and it will bring similar benefits to what you did last year.

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