Wednesday , December 8 2021

Hall Sedki confirms the experience of a comedy film


Cairo – Isles of grace

Actress Hale Sedki has revealed readiness in the coming period to embark on a film action that takes place within a comedy and refuses to reveal any details about herself to say that it is a new work and personality different from what was previously submitted in film works.

The Hall has confirmed Lifestyle that many dramatic scenarios have been presented during the last period to participate and attend the Ramazan race in 2018, but did not solve its final position, especially because it is seeking renewal and presents unconventional and unexpected roles that surprise the audience when they look. Such roles.

The hall expressed great enthusiasm for the public's reactions to its character in the Rahim series, which was broadcast on the satellite channels of the previous Ramadan, especially since its appearance in the series was a special performance in the "four scenes", but it caused sensation in the Egyptian street and a strong the reaction that the four Scenes have produced a reaction that parallels the participation in 30 episodes.

Series "Rahim" featuring Iasser Jalal, Mohammed Riad, Hassan Hosni and Sabri Favaz and Nour Lebanese and Dina Dina and Dina Abdel Aziz, Tariq Abdel Aziz and Toni Maher.

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