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How will the next generation of XR phones in the iPhone?


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Citing the site of the seventh day, on Sunday, June 30, 2019.

He hopes that Apple will release a new iPhone phone for a value of less than $ 1,000, the new generation of the iPhone XR, so that Apple followed the same pattern last year to show three phones with all the name of the iPhone.

The British Business Insider website has monitored the expectations and vision of technology and smartphones experts in the new generation of Apple's iPhone XR.


Double camera

The new Apple iPhone XR camera will support a double camera, which will allow you to zoom in and capture images in a vertical position.


LCD screen of 6.1 "

The new generation of the iPhone XR will feature an LCD screen, unlike the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.


Color options

The new generation of iPhone XR will come with a wide variety of colors to incorporate the green and bright green for the first time, along with the basic colors of white, gray and black.


The battery is slightly larger

Apple will increase the size of its battery in the new devices in general, but in the new generation of the iPhone XR it will be 5% larger than the pairs that will be published the same year.

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