Monday , May 10 2021

I participated in "Abu El Arousi" by chance .. "All events represent our lives"

Nermeen El Feki: Participated in "Abu El Arousi" by accident "All events in the embodiment of our lives" Abu Al-Arousa "Accidentally," All events in the incarnation of our lives "We sent you our Nev Nevs Todai visitors through our network of knights and begin with the most important news, Nermeen Elfeki: Participated in "Abu Arosi" accidentally .. "All events represent our lives."

"For the first time in my life I've been working on a series of 60 episodes, and for the first time I've taken part in 14 episodes," she said.

"I'm glad to have taken part in the series and I'm more happy to be part of the second part, and it should be filmed in the coming period," she said in a statement broadcast on the satellite channel Al-Haiat.

"The shooting of the first part of the series was very exhausting because we recorded it during the day of the presentation, which banned any absence from the photograph, regardless of the personal or health conditions of the hero of the show."

"The other part is Ma'Holou Helou Oi, and the character of Abeer (which al-Faki claims in the series) transmits reality and can be found in any rich, poor or middle-class family, and all of its events are our life ".

Al-Faki continued: "We represent the problem and we solve it, and we do not show negative aspects, including raising children, because it is the art of messages, and we are careful not to have words or expressions out of the text."

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