Friday , August 19 2022

Japanese martial arts "Ninja De" in theater play "Sharjah Book"


Between the magic of the ancient ninja warriors and the aesthetic framework of the battle that reflects the principles of good and evil, the Japanese ninja duo performed performances titled "The Great Ninja," hosted at the International Book Fair in Sharjah, which lasts until November 10. Sharjah Ekpo Center.

Drama directed at children is related to the Japanese legend of the ninja warrior, dressed in black and known for his supernatural abilities. He is trained in the art of hiding and espionage, called Ninjutsu, and a girlfriend trying to fight the ninja and his supporters in order to crash the village through sophisticated, Where rhythms of Japanese music specials and actors were able to convey to the public a hint of Japanese heritage celebrate Japan as a guest of honor.

With their brilliant weapons and striking combat movements that fit the rhythm of sound and visual effects, supernatural ninjas and a fighting girl attracted the attention of young people in the optical panel that attracted the attention of the audience and identified one of the traditional and legendary characteristics of old Japanese stories.

Ninja or Ninjutsu are legendary figures known in Japan and around the world. However, the word "ninja" was not widely used in Japan until the drum in popular historical novels expanded in 1955, and perhaps these mythological exploits. Excessive quantity is the result of the exploitation of these perceptions of spies introduced after the main period of their top activity .

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