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Latest news of the day: Symposium of "African women … between challenge and empowerment" at the Book Fair

Egypt: Latest News Today: Symposium "The African Woman Between Challenges and Empowerment" at the Book Fair

Egypt Today: African Panorama Hall at the Cairo International Book Fair in Plaza 2 witnessed the launch of a seminar on African themes entitled "African Women: Challenging and Empowerment" in the presence of the Official Cultural And media Ambassador of the African Union, Ejalal Abdel Halim, communication of experts and the media From the Arab Bank to Africa, Fayza Badr, moderated by Dr. Um Hashim Wahba Media, National Commission of Media and Researchers in Africa.

Ambassador Ijalal Abdel Halim and the media expert, Fayza Badr, praised the role of women in the Arab and African Arabs and also referred to the efforts of the United Nations towards the issue of the empowerment of women and gender equality as main goals..

For his part, Umm Hashim Wahba said in statements to "Al-Bawaba News": "The empowerment of women is over the years, but Taking into account May 2017 be the year in which women spend every year after this extension of this year, in the sense that we must worry about women and give them every year the power in the same approach that you have done"He said.

"When we talk about the empowerment of women in Egypt, we find that there has been a boom in the presence of 90 female deputies in parliament, equivalent to 25% of women's size. In addition, we have the first governance and the first 5 governor women,

"For all African countries, their goals are sustainable development and the empowerment of women And equality Between the sexes"He said.

He added: "We have taken serious steps to achieve this goal, under the auspices of United Nations institutions and the different financing agencies that finance projects related to the empowerment of women. Here we will talk about All fields, politically, economically and culturally. For Ethiopia "He said.

"I thank Egypt for its recent interest in Africa and congratulate him on the presidency of the African Union and Egypt, a cultural milestone for African and Arab countries. The most important guide to organizing the exhibition This year, it's been all cultures, "Ambassador Ijalal Abdel Halim told Al-Bawaba News. Cinema, theater, art My review"He said.

"I congratulate Dr. Inas Abdel-Dayem, Minister of Culture, for his facilities and the proper preparation for this jubilee of gold"

About the empowerment of women confirmed This "Women give them the ability to be multifunctional, and any work they do is done to the fullest, because they are transformed to prove their existence."He said.

He pointed out that if women have faculties and equal equality will be the same Prosperity Development and development is the mother or educates young people, and when education and empowerment are reflected in the training of young people"He said.

Fayza Badr told Al-Bawaba News: "The Arab League invited me to participate in the Cairo International Book Fair to represent the Arab Bank. We brought our own publications, which are shown in our activities."He said.

He added: "Sudanese women are like Egyptian women, Egyptian women have held senior positions for a long time and Sudanese women are all in Sudan, they have held many senior management positions such as the minister, the deputy minister, the judge , the lawyer, the university professor and the doctor"He said.

"Revealed This The Sudanese women of the Ministry of Finance represented 95% of the proportion of employees of the ministry, Confirmed That "Sudanese women in government jobs more than men, and there is 1923, a Sudanese woman drove the car and wished to burst women and kept herself in managerial positions, we are currently Equality With the man"He said.

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