Friday , August 19 2022

Majid al-Masri confirms that the script "Bahr" fell asleep


Cairo – Shaimaa Mekkavi

Musician Majid Al-Masri has expressed his happiness for his first drama tournaments through the series "Bahr".

"I have no idea about an absolute tournament for the same amount of work, and when I read the script about the Bahr series, I was amazed that the audience will see me for the first time different and new, and I will play the role of a working, working man," said Majid Al Masri in a statement for the Lifestyle. .

"We have finished recording 20 episodes, and now we are shooting on the borders of Upper Egypt, and the ending of the recording, and the work belongs to the 60 long drama series."
Artists are Ashraf Zaki, Mohamed Diab, Abdel Rahman Abuzahra, Mohamed Ali Rizk and others. It is composed by Ahmed Abdel Fattah, directed by Ahmed Saleh, and produced by Senergy.

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