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Real Madrid: Benzema released from the Ronaldo shadow and before him

Sport 360 – Become a Frenchman Benzema cream Front of the team Real Madrid They are the most important players of Al-Marinji this season, due to their levels of distinction with the Real in several competitions.

The season is one of the best seasons of Karim Benzema with Real Madrid since joining the club, confirming everyone who is a high quality striker.

The "Marka" newspaper, a long report on the reasons why Carme Benzema shines specifically this season, after scoring two goals in the match against Real Madrid on Sunday afternoon, which ended with the victory of Marinji four goals against two goals.

Karim Benzema has won 15 goals in all competitions this season without penalty.

The newspaper praised the player, saying that he is a contemporary attacker with all the meaning, decisive in the goal, and at the same time it is good to play in the ninth position.

But the question remains: what is the secret of the operation of Karim Benzema with this action, given the disastrous last season for him? What is the secret of the new Benzema cream?

Continuity and preparation

Everyone is saying that Benzema has been a key player of Real Madrid for many seasons, but rarely the game ends unchanged, and in three days, "Karim Benzema, Bill and Ronaldo", the French striker was the first player to Replace between 60 and 70 minutes.

This happened with Zinedine Zidane and Ancelotti, but with Julien Lopeztegi and later the Argentinean Santiago Solari, the situation was different with his participation in all the minutes of the game without changing. Continuity helped him get to physical and mental preparation, so he played better, appeared on the image we are seeing now.

Ronaldo's match

Of course, the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid gave the opportunity to Karim Benzema to appear at this level this season.

In recent seasons, most of the occasions of Real Madrid have been only for the Portuguese Ronaldo and Karim Benzema has much less chance to score.

But now, all or many of the opportunities have gone to Frenchman Karim Benzema, and this has helped to leave until now with Real Madrid.

Trust of Solari

For Argentinian Santiago Solari, Karim Benzema is his Cristiano Ronaldo, and that is what all the staff in the dressing room has secured to Real Madrid.

Karim Benzema's role in the field has become even more important with Santiago Solari. The French striker has become one of the leaders of Real Madrid, with Ramos on the defensive, Modric at the center and Karim Benzema at the offensive.

Solari's confidence has made the cream of Benzema play more comfortably, offering everything he has, and this is what we have seen so far this season.

Venecius Junior

Karim Benzema recently found the player that will help him get out better, or in the player's sense, that he will probably create opportunities to score goals. He is the Brazilian young person Vencius Junior.

Venecius Junior has been emptied the spaces of the French cream of Benzema to score goals and pass through their crossed crossbows.

The absence of Gareth Bell and Marco Ascencio gave Vencius Junior the opportunity to play Real Madrid. The main reason for the performance of Karim Benzema in recent matches was thanks to the crucial movements of the Brazilian against the French striker.

Game of goals: Spanish 2 × 4 Real Madrid

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