Sunday , October 2 2022

Reasons for rejecting the temptation of the bay and insisting on staying with Zamalek


Although Swiss coach Christian Gros received some attractive offers in the last period and with great compensation, the coach stuck to stay with Zamalek and refused to leave the team, as opposed to the position of many foreign coaches who were trained in the team before getting Attractive offers will be their decision to leave and seek funds, led by Jesvaldo Ferreira next to Jamie Pacheco.

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But the situation was different for Gros, who rejected the temptations and insisted on staying with Zamalek and not thinking about continuing to leave for a number of reasons:

1 – At the moment, the feeling is pleasant with the team and a series of positive results in the last period and reached the peak of the champion league and strong competition in the Cup, the Egypt Cup and the Arab Championship and at a constant pace, and feeling that he could write a new history with Zamalek if he continues with the team and Benefits from payment and special offer at the end of the season this way, so he preferred to focus on Zamalek in the upcoming games and close the door for departure.

2 – Gros won the value of his contract with Zamalek after signing and a huge financial value of 40 million pounds in a season contracted by Zamalek and sees Khava that financial return is large and satisfying for him and has no motivation to leave, especially after he gets his obligations Al -Khavaja is afraid to move to any club and does not receive financial support in the same way during the contract and the existence of any financial shock.

3 – Gros believes Zamalek has a large and popular base in the Arab world, which is certainly his experience in the Arab Championship and the Saudi Al Hilal match at the Super-Egyptian Saudi Championship. He knows well that the success of Zamalek and the positive results and wait for the end of the season to add him with the training performance will make it more expensive, with double financial value, as well as the support of the fans in each game, although it is late in some games, but they stay behind the team score victory points.

4 – Gross knows very well how important and difficult the upcoming matches are for Zamalek at all levels of local and continental and the importance of continuing to win, the coach believes that the team has a group of players and elements in the basic strength of the team and adapts to his game and harmony with who was absent In addition to his immediate proximity to players on the psychological and moral level, as well as the promises of management to strengthen the ranks of Zamalek with a large number of super players in the Mercato winter season and fill the gap in some centers within the team and strengthen the best elements he felt was the technical winners coming to him and feeling at the same time that there was a great desire and determination for the players to win and win the championship that appeared in the last games of the team and despite postponing some of the competitors, but the team finally achieved three points .

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5-Gross takes into account the return to training in Europe again from Zamalek's Gate and strives to continue to win and write new records with the White Team, helping him to reach his dream of returning to Europe or to get a strong offer from one of the European teams strong, Media Player from Switzerland, with his achievements with Zamalek and his positive results with the team.

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