Monday , October 18 2021

«Regulation of telecommunications» awards the European standard certification in the management of innovation


The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has received the European Standard Certification of the Innovation Management System. Hamad Al Mansoori, Managing Director of the Authority, received the certificate from Collin Rachmiri, director of Compliance and Risk in the British Institute of Standards in the Middle East and Africa Management.

The entry of CMA to the CEN / TS 16555-1: 2013 is the result of its work in the development of an integrated system of management of the innovation at institutional level, leading the application of proposals Innovators and providing services based on global standards.

Hamad Al Mansoori said: "Innovation is one of the national axes of the UAE, Vision 2021, which is under the title" Unified Knowledge ", which seeks to achieve a knowledge-based, flexible and diversified economy driven for Talent talent emulated and improved to ensure the long-term prosperity of the UAE and its populations. Based on the work of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), the Authority has a support strategy , promotion and dissemination of a culture of innovation in the field of communications and information technologies, in accordance with the guidelines of the wise leadership in creating an enabling environment for to the innovation that arrives in the UAE Lamia in this area.

Al Mansoori stated that the approval of TRA to European standards in the innovation management system is evidence of the effectiveness of the plans approved by the authority in this field. "From the Guidelines for our wise leadership, the Authority has attempted to activate the innovation strategy and provide all the necessary resources to achieve the vision of the State, Innovation in the management, evaluation of results and Ideas for innovation, planning, optimization and facilitating factors for support for the innovation system.


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