Monday , September 26 2022

Rondo goes through surgery for 3 to 5 weeks away from Lakers


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Rugby will run Rondo on Friday and will not be on for three to five weeks, Los Angeles Lakers said on Thursday.

Rondo, 32, suffered a fracture in his right hand in the fourth match of Los Angeles Lakers' victory over Portland Trail Blazers (126-117) on Wednesday when they threw themselves on the pitch for the ball.

Rondo's absence represents a blow to Los Angeles Lakers, led by King LeBron James for four consecutive victories, finishing seventh in the Western region.

Rondo this summer joined Los Angeles Lakers from Nev Orleans Pelicans, an average of 8.5 points and 6.5 assists per game (14 games). He shared the role of playmate with promising young man Lonzo Pal.

"We can not make up for what Rondo is doing for this team and its importance in the team, but we will not look for excuses," said coach Valt Valton.

In absentia, he will retain the position of the Los Angeles Lakers gamemaker with the support of Brandon Ingram and Lance Stevenson.

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