Wednesday , September 28 2022

Seventh day Emergency – net purchase by foreign investors for 99 million LE during the past week


Foreign non-Arab investors registered a net purchase of 99.08 million pounds on the Egyptian Stock Exchange last week, while the Arabs recorded net sales of 139.61 million pounds during the same period, after the shutdown of stocks.

Foreign investors recorded a net purchase of EZE 5983.18 million since the beginning of this year, while the Arabs recorded net purchases of 953.32 million pounds after the shutdown of shares, according to a weekly report from the Egyptian stock market.

Egyptians accounted for 73.30% of total market transactions, while non-Arab parties accounted for 12.08% and the Arabs 14.62% last week, except for shares.

Institutions accounted for 43.08% of transactions, while other transactions were for individuals with 56.92%. Last week, the institutions recorded a net purchase of EZE 502.52 million after the disconnection of transactions.

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