Wednesday , October 5 2022

Sharjah Taekwondo goes to France


Here are the details of Sharjah Taekwondo who go to France

The Taekwondo mission left the Swiss Sports Club, through the International Airport in Dubai, to the French capital, Paris, to participate in the French international competition for Taekwondo G
The team consists of Rashed Ramadan, team manager, coach Abdulah Hatema, Hasan Shabar from the men's team and Sultan Salah Mghar from the young. Technical staff counts on good results to win more points for the Olympics.
Eng. Sulaiman Abdulrahman, a member of the Sports Club Committee of Sharjah, head of the department for individual games, said that the great support enjoyed by individual games from the wise leadership had the greatest impact on the return to the forefront and achievement.

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