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Simple steps to prevent your activity on Instagram


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Many people do not want anyone to know about their activities on Instagram, through a green dot next to the names of friends who are connected to the Internet and want to view images without complaining to the followers that they are there. Here's how to cancel your activity on Instagram.

The last time you can see people who are following you or have private conversations with you in several ways:

  • You will see a green dot next to your username and photo in your direct reception and anywhere else on Instagram.
    • In your Inbox you will see the last activity status.

You can control the status of your activity using settings:
Since Instagram is a common application for iOS and Android Android, the steps will be one for both:
• Go to your account when you are signed in
• Open the settings menu. To access this menu, click the gear icon (for iOS users) or the three-point icon at the top right-hand corner (for Android users).

  • Scroll down until you enter the Privacy and Security section
    • Select Activity status list

• You can deactivate the Show Activity with the button on the button next to Show activity status to become gray.

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