Sunday , December 5 2021

"Still between us." The operetta was the image of Zaied


The Sharjah Girls Foundation, a subsidiary of the Fourth Quarterly Fund for the Industry of Leaders and Innovators, presented performances titled "Still Between Us" in cooperation with Zaied, on the stage of the Culture Palace, before this day.

The performance, which appears in the form of a musical operetta, reflects the meaning of the love and loyalty that the Emirati community has for the founder of the late Zahe bin Sultan Al Nahian, whether God will rest his soul.

She participated in the show, featuring theatrical and lyrical interaction of the audience of the Culture Palace of the Theater, 66 girls from "Shia Sharjah", who gave a gift to the songs about the approach of late Shaykh Zayed.

Songs and melodies were composed by Fatima Mohammed Hassan Al-Marashdeh, while Cinderella Hassan, along with many talented girls who helped in production and composition,

Shika Aisha Khalid Al-Qashimi, director of Sharjah girls' nurses, emphasized the importance of the theater in the development of a tool for expressing national identity and expressing a sense of belonging in an innovative way that inspires the spirit and raises the artistic meaning, emphasizing the need to spread theatrical culture among the members of society. Humane and aesthetic, enriching the artistic experiences in the hearts of new generations.

Shahla Al-Khaja, one of the authors of the work and director of the project, says this show encourages conscious art and develops the talents of girls and encourages them to develop their abilities to achieve their ambitions to reach the highest cultural and artistic levels.

"I am proud of this show, which speaks of a great personality characterized by patience, challenge, responsibility, wisdom and courage, whose first task was to build a self-confident, kind and loyal person in his work and the ambition to achieve the achievements we value."

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