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The Al Ittihad newspaper – "Ajman Finance" begins to "automate" government bank transfers



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Logo of the finance department of Ajman

Logo of the finance department of Ajman

The Ajman Finance Department has implemented the first phase of the "Bank Transfer Automation Project" in cooperation with Dubai Islamic Bank.

This comes within the framework of the Department's efforts to improve government work through the provision of sophisticated smart services and facilities for all employees and clients, and to achieve their strategic vision to build a financial system Government leader who contributes to improving the competitiveness of the country.

SE Marwan Ahmed Al Ali, director general of the department, affirmed the efforts of Ajman to "strengthen the concept of intelligent government by offering distinguished services that adopt the best innovative solutions and mechanisms to achieve the speed and accuracy when completing the transactions and keep abreast of developments and developments at the local and international levels. Reinforce the emirated development process. "

"The department is committed to accelerating its steps towards the automation of all its systems and services to eliminate paper transactions that are integrated with the best technologies and smart applications. This will have a positive impact on the The department's financial transactions will enhance financial relations with its clients and various institutions belonging to The umbrella of the business community in Ajman Emirate. "

He revealed that "the project to automate bank transfer of government contributes to the improvement of financial operations and the abolition of paper procedures."

Faisal Yunus, director of the department's revenue department department, said the project will transfer bank transfers from its traditional state to a fully automated process in an automated way. "Automating government transfers will improve the efficiency of bank transfers through the development of administrative processes and the reduction of activity and strict control of the internal procedures of bank transfers."

He added that this process will also help reduce administrative costs and reduce the error rates and develop the work mechanism and be informed of best practices, as well as simplifying work procedures and the speed of finishing, indicating That the first phase consists in the execution of the project in the Department of Finance.

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